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Inspired by Baby, our little puppy friend with the biggest smile and Blue’s newest friend.
Dehydrated Chicken Livers that come from pasture-raised animals, produce liver with a better nutrient profile. They are filled with B vitamins, iron, phosphorus and Vitamin A.
Livers contain 10 to 100 times the nutrients of muscle meat. Filled with trace minerals, CoQ10 and a great source of protein.
Dogs thrive on having liver in their diet and it is a good source of copper.
This is a simple, single-protein treat chalked full of goodness.
We dehydrate them to keep in all the nutrients.
Gluten free and grain free.
Ingredients: Grass fed, pasture-raised, organic chicken livers
Nutritional Analysis:
Min Protein 60%
Min fat 10%
Max fiber 2%
Max Moisture 7 %
Feeding guidelines:
1 to 2 treats, 3 times a day –  10 to 30lbs
2 to 4 treats, 3 times a day – 30 to 60lbs
4 to 6 treats, 3 times a day – over 60lb
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