1 General Questions
2 Feeding Raw
2.1 How Do I Transition to Raw?

Transitioning to Raw is a simple step by step process.

  1. We recommend that you fast your dog for a period of 12hrs prior to giving their first raw meal (stay strong to those hungry eyes it is for the greater good).
  2. Start with a protein that is lean and easy to digest such as Turkey or Rabbit.
  3. Serve the raw meal at room temperature as this enhances the aromas but also serving icy cold food can make your dog vomit.
  4. To start with offer half of the recommended portion and wait 10 minutes to give the remainder of the portion. This will stop the more voracious eaters (who are still giving you the stink eye for fasting them) from eating too quickly and regurgitating the food.
  5. Once your dog has adjusted to their new diet, it is recommended that you rotate at least 3 proteins throughout the month.

If you know your dog has a sensitive stomach then we would advise a gradual transition with the help of a probiotic and a pumpkin powder or puree.

Do not be disappointed if your dog looks at their new food as if it is otherworldly, like any change it may take some getting used to!

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